Tire mold framed mirror - Date Sold :

This was created by Scott as a Christmas gift for his wife.

Trunk mounted on black walnut trunk - Date Sold :

This photo came to us from Bill Bakan. This particular tree grew along a ditch bank on his farm. He tells us that trees that grow in places like that grow differently, more horizontal than vertical, at least for a bit. He sand blasted it then notched it to fit the trunk then shot a coat of sand & sealer followed by several coats of semi gloss varnish. He gave this to his wife as a Christmas gift.

Vintage Doors - Date Sold : June 25, 2014

“We just wanted to send a couple of photos of how AMAZING the doors we purchased from the bomb shelter look in our bedroom. We can’t wait to visit you again!”

Sincerely Tiffany and Steve

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